Lucy Pierce Photography

Val Thorens is A LOT of fun! It’s the highest resort in the 3 valleys, located in the Tarentaise valley (including ski resorts; Courcheval, Meribel, Val Thorens, La Tania, Les Menuires). Due to the resort of Val Thorens being at 2300m, the snow during my first week was good, but because of the blue skies and sun everyday, the snow deteriorated very quickly. What better place to be when theres bad snow; by 4pm Bar 360 is rammed every day with seasonaires and students UK-wide during the holidays!

Lucy Pierce Photography

Bar360 is easily accessible for all skier types, if you are a novice skier you can get there and back solely on green runs, it is the perfect place to stop for lunch or call it a day at lunch time as the sun loungers offer a more relaxing afternoon to soothe those hangovers.

After skiing what should be a simple green run back into town slightly inebriated, Val Thorens has a wide range of restaurants on offers, as well as sports bars, and more après for the hardcore; saloon bar’s long island ice teas are not to be missed, nor are Panda’s happy hour beer jugs! Most of the bars are found in this area, and its definitely worth visiting a few of them before heading to either, summit, baramix or Malaysia (the biggest club  in the Alps!)

For student ski trips, this is also where mountain meals are held and from past experience they are very fond of their lobsters. I know this because Leeds Snowriders stole one of their lobsters one year as a challenge, my very important job was lobster duty, to ensure it stayed there and attempt to keep the french owner happy, which proved toilsome!

A couple of my favourites from Bar 360 are;

Bar360, Val Thorens [Lucy Pierce Photography]
If your looking for a champagne-filled afternoon, then head to the Folie Douce, which is found in-between Meribel and Val Thorens. Home of elitist Russian men who are happy to splash a couple of hundy here and there, you’ll probably see them being pampered in the VIP section! They do seem to liven up the place as when they buy a substantially large bottle of champers, the bar staff spray all the punters with its remnants (much like a f1 champion)!

Folie Douce, 3 Valleys [Lucy Pierce Photography]
The French pride themselves on their mountain cuisine, it is a must-do when your skiing. Their specialities include fondue savoyarde (or meat fondu), tartiflette, raclette, and tarte aux myrtilles for dessert!


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