A city that is perfect at this time of year! I have been to Amsterdam 3 times now, each at completely different times of year, admittedly, I am yet to see Amsterdam in the snow! My first trip there was peak-summer time, which I found to be a full of American tourists taking advantage of the legalised weed. However, Amsterdam during certain dates in the summer would be absolutely amazing; for Dekmantel festival at the beginning of August and Awakenings in June. (And then ADE later on, in October)



One of Amsterdam's many canals
One of Amsterdam’s many canals

Party tips;

Trouw (soon to shut down, I believe) huge warehouse-esque club with a ridiculously good sound system and acts/djs that will blow you away!

Paradiso (really close to the Rijksmusuem), formally a church –  cool vibe there.

Studio 80 (Rembrantplein), another really cool venue with great acts/djs.

If you’re not into your music scene, then Rembrantplein has lots of touristy bars and clubs, as well as of course many coffee shops. Leidesplein is the same sort of area, ClubUp is really good fun, it’s opposite Leidesplein hostel (which I would not encourage you to stay in, overpriced and really rather grimy!) The flying pig hostel is the most popular, the hans brinker is a good hostel too, there is a bicycle shop right next door and a really great sandwich shop at the end of the road!! The hans brinker is a sociable hostel, they have a bar/club underneath and in the evenings beer pong always gets started!

For you eager tourists;

Flower market (Bloemenmarkt) – so beautiful, especially as its such a tradition to Holland, as well as the architecture, house boats and bicycles which are all a must do/must see while your there!

Vondelpark – get a bike and ride around it! Have a picnic, or do as the locals do!

Rijksmuseum – the history of Amsterdam/ Holland.


IAMSTERDAM – found on the museum quarter (behind the very impressive building of the Rijksmuseum!) Always swarming with tourists! – go in the middle of the night / on the way back from your night out (why not!)



Van Gogh musuem – an artist’s dream of the Netherlands, the iconic sunflowers which are so famous of the netherlands; his amazing oils are a must see, his dramatic brush strokes show a real emphasis of emotion.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 19.38.30

Anne Frank’s House – very surreal, I would say you must go, really put’s into perspective how difficult life was for the Jew’s ( and if you haven’t already – read the Diary of Anne Frank, it will make the whole visit way more worthwhile )

Bookshelf at Anne Frank’s House

Heineken Brewery – great for beer-lovers, you see the making process, you can taste the beer at each stage and you get a few complimentary ones thrown in with your tour!

Heineken Brewery

Red Light District! Filled with condommeries and ladies strutting around their windows.

Do not take photos, they get very angry.

Red Light District
All photo’s taken by myself.

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