Seasonaire galore! The Espace Killy ski area covers both Val D’Isere & Tignes is one of the biggest & best ski areas in the Alps (I might be a little biased), which therefore means that Tignes attracts a huge number of keen skiers and seasonaires; I, personally, can’t get enough of it, two seasons down and I keep getting lured back there!

Tignes Le Lac is where you will find most of the seasonaires, working for chalet companies and home to the legendary Loop Bar, which will no doubt be rammed every wednesday afternoon, full of drunken punters and seasonaires chanting to The Cheerleaders as though it was a compulsory hymn-chapel scenario! During white outs – don’t expect to find a table as everyone who has any sense is in there get their Loop burgers / Nachos!

Krafty Kuts on the 1s and 2s back in the days of season no 1;

Next door you will find Tignes Cuisine, which draws in anybody with any sense, they do amazing noodle and rice boxes! They also deliver, which for many seaonaires is a god-send when they’ve had one too many jägers in Jacks!

Oh where do I begin in trying to describe Jacks, where dreams are made – or quite the contrary! Bowling alley by day, raucous nightclub by night, expect your traditional cheese night you’d go to once a year or biannually and learn to love it, embrace everything about it. Try and avoid the pole, you might have some dutch courage and think you’re amazing – you’re not!

Alpaka, a cosy retreat when your not feeling too lively, wednesday evenings tend to hold TDC’s numbers game, which you need absolutely no skill, just a shed load of luck (which I never had).

The Marmot Arms is such fun, vin chaud on tap, games room downstairs, perfect place to hide from whiteouts and their burgers are very popular as well, absolutely delish!

Jam Bar; fun little apres ski; it’s small, cosy and intimate.

Tignes Le Lavachet; more residential but host to both Scottys bar & TC’s. Scottys bar, I have a lasting memory of Christmas eve here and many of my friends wearing ridiculous christmas onesies! Scottys bar staff make a mean Long Island, expensive by cost-effective as you won’t need many!! Come easter, Scottys is the place to be, their swimming pool opens and when the snow is too slushy to enjoy, what better way to spend your afternoon than bbq and pool party-ing?

TC’s – great seasonaire hang out, they host many sports evenings/matches there and an annual TC’s rail jam . There is also a cheese music night – stay well away when Gavlar’s playing!

Tignes VAL CLARET! This is where most of the bar crawls happen;

Colouir; as most bars in ski resorts, it’s an absolute sweat-box and Sunday nights are Ski world bar crawl night, while Monday’s are crystal punters bar crawl, so expect to find a lot of holiday makers!

Saloon Bar; dangerous! but fun, get a big jug, why not! Have a game of table football if you’re still seeing straight.

Dropzone; home of heavier music – great last stop off on bar crawls for a quick headbang before Le melting, where you will indefinitely melt.

Blue girl; sweaty alpine club, graced with a pole (again, I don’t know why they all have them), what more could you want!

Melting pot – you will definitely look like you’ve just come out a swimming pool when you leave, after having had copious amounts of toffee vodka, washed down with a few jäger bombs!

Civilised bailey & hot choc must be had at Grizzly’s! Super cool interior and nice cosy rugs!

Folie Douce 

You will find this well renowned apres ski bar in between tignes and val d’isere, from 3 o’clock onwards you can hear the pumping from the music a few runs away. Live musicians include the famous singer and trumpeter / saxophonist.

Take your young punters there and they will have the time of their lives, they may even go all out and buy the huge Moet bottle that is ferried across the zip wire from the dj booth to VIP!!!

This place really is one of a kind, the entertainment is so cool, and your the one looking like a lemon if your not dancing away on tables in your ski boots with a drink in hand! What better way to end a day of skiing! ( I say end it, you still need to make your way back to resort, which consists of a black run, both back to Tignes and Val D’Isere, thankfully for those less experienced there is a bubble lift down to resort!!)


All the gear, no idea!

To ensure you look super cool on piste/off piste/in the park, go to either Black cats in Val Claret, Tignes spirit in Lavachet or Snow park in le lac. The less fur, more colour the better – you’re not a Russian punter!

Essentials consist of;

A pair of brightly coloured salopettes – a few sizes too big for you!

A jacket that doesn’t follow the same colour scheme!

Or a super colourful retro onesie (if you need help call up these guys – http://retro-rentals.eu Kyle will happily sort you out!)

A bandana, the weirder the better, be it a lumberjacks face or a bando.

A pair of goggles in which everyone can see their reflection – dragon, oakley or even newcomers to the market SunGods, Melon.

Tons of super bright and colourful beanies, you can never have too many!

And of course a helmet, you can’t put a price on your life, can you?

& Twin tips & fat powder skis & Racing skis!!! Enough?

What you will aim to be by the end of the season;

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.59.52

What you’re probably doing however, is hurtling down runs completely drunk and out of control! (under the impression you look really cool) Welcome to seasonaire life!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.00.54

If you do actually end up looking like the super gnarly dude in the first photo, then maybe you should enter yourself into the X-games or the Brits, that are held in Tignes Val Claret!


Best times to go;

X- Games & Brits ski competitions bring the best skiers in Europe and the world to Tignes (see above)

NEW YEAR – annually party on the piste with world – famous dj’s and a huge firework display, cheers!


Last of all – a challenge! Find someone in the know and make them take you to Hidden Valley!!



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