15 of the Best Ski Films and Edits of 2015!

A year that has seen some unbelievable new tricks going viral, the premiere of Legs of Steel – Passenger and probably one of the slowest starting seasons 15/16, lets hope 2016 brings a big dump and some more unreal footage from the pro’s…

You alright up there mate?

Jesper Tjäder, not only has he been smashing rails, have a look at his ‘Super Park’ he created in Sweden, looking a bit like an adult ski-playground, Unrailistic. AND last seasons, Supervention Super Edit, the man is really on a roll. Swings n’ roundabout…

n' roundabouts

Sammy C Project, moving over to back-country free-skiing, after winning the X Games countless times just got a bit boring, now we see him dropping Alaskan faces and reenacting the nordic ski jump down this 26 storey/240 foot sketchy looking jump to start with…. absolute nutter! IN SWITCH TOO, is he mad?! (Spoiler, sorry!)

Fancy yourself a nordic ski jumper Sammy?

Line Travelling Circus have made some hilarious edits, their latest, festive “Cold Turkey” see’s some questionable turkey-bashing… very seasonal with Andy Parry, LJ Strenio and Will Wesson. Fried Ice is also well worth a watch, a trip to ski in China & Korea – who knew!

The banter bus/van

Candide, Oh Candide… one of the biggest superstars in the game, firstly going internet viral with One of Those Days 2 and getting an even bigger following from his quattro Audi advert, what a year for the big man… he doesn’t even need snow!

Another one of those days... without snow = 15/16 season!

I absolutely have to give it up to the Faction boys with #S02E03, cruising around sunny and slushy Tignes at Easter.

They are ...

FastForward – A short ski movie with Kevin Rolland and Julien Régnier… starting the 15/16 season off strong in La Plagne and the Tarantaise Valley, and showing why you shouldn’t take selfies on chairlifts! Can’t say that I’ve skied down a bob-sleigh course either.


Go-pro’s line of the winter 2015 featuring the hidden valley in Val D’Isere, and some rather strange sound effects… will he fit through here?

Will he fit?

Gypsy Feelin’ – Cruise Control, featuring mad frenchmen Flo Bastien & Jules Bonnaire through some unreal Japow and sunny Tignes.


Kye Petersen’s In Search, backcountry bliss in Alaska and BC, Kye camps out on remote peaks in search of the best pillow lines and natural features, a sick free-riding edit!


Perspective Studios – Misconceptions, sponsored by k2 and premiered at iF3 this short film shows a young group of guys with rad skills on both the street and the mountains.

Street style

And finally, a night-time monochrome romance; Point Buster with long time ski celebs Henrik and & Phil.



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