Above & Below

Some marketing I did for Wasteland ski for BUSC main event, Above & Below at Line-S… Above & Below

Above & Below 2016

This week Wasteland and BUSC Events bring you Above & Below (formerly know as BUSC main event). It will take over Alpe d’Huez; 2,000 students, 40 unis, 6 nights to remember (or not if you’re a lightweight), 0 regrets. A week of carnage and rivalry as all the UK unis battle it out to find out which uni snowsports really is the best!


Starting the week as they mean to go on, Snowboxx festival present the opening night party with DJ’s Becky Hill, Friend Within, Jax Jones & Patrick Nazemi.


The Alpe d’Huez ski area also includes the quaint alpine villages of Vaujany and Oz-en-Oisans (a tongue twister), which are definitely worth visiting. But, by far the best run, is the Sarenne from Pic Blanc, 18km of pure bliss. Locals call it the ‘champagne run’, because that’s exactly what you deserve after it, so once completed, why not head to après…

Alpe d'Huez village


…. which should be spent at the Folie Douce, that is only if you are not trying to win all the gold medals for your uni! You will find this party in full swing every afternoon at the top of the Marmottes lift, where dancing on tables in ski boots is all part of the fun!


Above & Below have some great nights organised, including Cirque du Soul, which has taken off around the UK, from London to the Alps, where ‘burlesque meets bass’.


To add to the weeks festivities, there will be an 80’s themed paradise pool party at the indoor swimming pool, with cheesy disco tunes from the 80’s providing the soundtrack to your night… speedos only boys!



As the competitions are the main event of the week, why not get involved and give the slalom, big air or maybe even the skier or boarder X a go? Or even just cheer for your uni mates and take part in some inter-uni rivalry!


For those that are taking the competitions seriously or just fancy a night off, you can enjoy some popcorn in the adult-den on Tuesday night’s “ski films and chill” at Tiger Bar with some of the best ski films from the last few years, you’re in for a treat!


And finally, if you’re feeling like a bit of a punter, go and sit on the ice throne in the Grotte de Glace…


Keep up to date on the very latest goings on from Above & Below on the Line-S TwitterInstagram & Facebook feeds and look out for Rachel’s wrap-up feature at the end of the week!


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