Easter Skiing in Val D’Isere

My second piece for Line-s, found here:  Easter Skiing in Val D’Isere (part 2)

Enjoy 🙂

Easter Skiing Series – Val d’Isere (Part 2)

Val d’Isere (or Val d’Isaaarr) is the perfect resort for an Easter break. The Espace Killy area, which includes Tignes, has 156 pistes and two glaciers, which means that there is guaranteed snow, even at the end of the season.

The resort caters well for anyone from complete beginners to experts. There are some great tree runs in both Le Fornet and Tignes les Brevieres and you can also tackle the famous La Face, which has hosted the World Championship Downhill, descending 959m at gradients from 5% up to 71%!!

For those of you that are feeling particularly energetic, try to reach all 4 corners of the Espace Killy (highlighted red); from the top of the Tignes glacier, to Tignes le Brev, to the Le Fornet glacier and down to La Daille – once you have finished you might as well take the bubble up to La Folie Douce from La Daille; you definitely will have earned a steak-frites and a pint!



One of the highlights of the year is the Frostgun Invitational, which brings to town the biggest names in skiing and boarding, as well as some awesome DJs for a big competition and an even bigger afterparty. Watching pros throwing themselves off 50ft kickers to the sounds of Klingande is great fun. Candide even turned up to sign some posters, which everyone got pretty excited about, just one of those days…!



Cocorico, located at the bottom of the Olympique bubble, is the perfect place to stop after a long afternoon skiing; their large terrace is very popular with seasonaires and punters, who all bellow the lyrics to some absolute classics after a few drinks.



Once Cocorico’s wraps up you can always find the hardcore après-ers heading to either Café Face, le Petit Danois or the Morris Pub.


If you haven’t caved for a cheeky n-après by then, you’ll be ready for a wild night ahead, which Val d’Isere is well known for providing. Whether you’re looking for a smaller, underground club or a more commercial, larger club that throws parties with guest DJs, Val has it all.


Pacific bar and Le Graal tend to be more intimate and rowdy, while you may spot a celeb in the Dick’s VIP area. During student ski weeks and Frostgun, Doudone, found underneath Cocoricos, becomes a raucous sweat box (like most mountain clubs) hosting either VIP parties with famous freestylers or famous DJs, Rudimental clearly got a bit warm…


(Word of warning – try and avoid the indoor smoking area, it will leave you with a stale stench of smoke for days and there is an outside smoking area, therefore easily avoided!)


After that big night out, enjoy a lazy lunch at Sun Bar (their burgers are a known hangover cure) found at the bottom of the Solaise Express. Or head to Bar d’Altitude L’Ouilette, which is the best barbeque-beach-bar to lounge at, with beanbags, deck chairs and palm trees all round, quite the juxtaposition!



Oh and one last thing before the end of your trip… try and find the Hidden Valley. It is so-called because if you know, you know! I’ll give you a clue… it’s near the Folie Douce! (if you need a directions, watch the GoPro Line of the Winter 2015)



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