Canada Visas


With the end of the season looming and post-season depression setting in… Let’s look to next season and why not set your hopes on Canada?

With powder havens Revelstoke and Big White, the stunning Banff and of course the biggest ski area in North America at 8,171 acres, Whistler, your choices are almost endless.

Photo c/o Banff Mt Norquay Facebook

Canadian visas are high in demand and this year the Canadian Government has changed the structure from a first come first served basis to, effectively, a lucky dip system!

This means no more computers at the ready, refreshing pages, desperate to get the ‘Golden Ticket’, much like Glasto. Instead, you can apply whenever you like and you’ll be added to a pool where applicants are selected at random at ‘regular intervals’. This does mean however that the sooner your application is completed, the more exposure you’ll have to these draws.

Photo c/o Ian Houghton, Revelstoke Facebook

It can be slightly confusing so here are some tips to hopefully help you through the application…

1)    Firstly, you need to check your eligibility by filling in the ‘Come to Canada’ questionnaire:

You can then create an account and begin – but only once you’ve been approved that is…

2)    You will need to apply for the IEC visa (International Experience Canada) – which is now a 2-year visa for 18 to 30-year olds:

Once you have applied, you just have to wait until you are invited or rejected!

3)    Costs are… C$230 Employer Compliance Fee, CS$150 participation fee & C$100 permit holder fee – thankfully they are not all due at the same time. Although it looks like a lot of money, thanks to the pound being significantly stronger than the Canadian dollar – it comes to around £250.

Photo c/o Big White Facebook

4)    Even if you have may have a job lined up for the season, Stage 2 will be a lot simpler if you say you haven’t (although you may have thought you would stand more of a chance if you say you have). If you say you have you will need to provide all the documentation from your employer.

5)    Finally, the UK quota is only 5,000, so fingers crossed and don’t be disheartened – you will be added to a backup and people do tend to drop out, so there is still hope!


Header image c/o Lake Louise Facebook


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