5 African Tapes you absolutely need to hear!

African Tapes


Thanks to a growing trend of African disco music, that is catching on like wild fire out in the bush, djs such as Motor City Drum Ensemble (heading up the ‘selector’ stage at Dekmantel), Young Marco, Floating Points & Antal have been delving deep into old school African disco tunes, airing and sharing these African diamonds…

Featuring rhythmic african grooves, a bit of bongo, some soul singing and hip shakingly good boogie records:

Batonga! How can you not love this song when you’ve heard the history behind it?



Amadou et Mariam, ‘the blind couple from Mali’, both lost their eyesight at a young age from Measles, but were still nominated for the Grammy Award. The traditional African percussions  give this record the its authentic character…

Salif Keita, from Mali, is known as the ‘Golden Voice of Africa’

Nigerian boogie from Oby Onyioh, best known for her single I Want To Feel Your Love

Ghanian Kiki, who, by just 18, had already played for the Queen and hung out with big boys in the game, Elton John and Mick Jagger, released 24 hours in a disco, popular in both the states and the UK.

If this has spurred your interest thus far, check out these Awesome Tapes from Africa (https://soundcloud.com/awesometapesfromafrica)

no wahala!


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