Gluten Free Cafes, Cardiff

Town Centre

Coffee #1, found on Queen Street, Albany Road & Wellfield Road (Roath), Cathedral Road (Pontcanna) & St Davids offer comfy chairs, delicious (soya available) chai lattes, hot chocolates, coffees, to be complimented with a slice of gluten free orange and polenta cake, a GF brownie & or a GF fruity flapjack.


Garlands – This cosy, independent cafe caters for everyone; vegans, dairy free and gluten free. Most notably offering GF pancakes (which are absolutely delicious) and a selection of home made gluten free cakes, you can also grab a refill of coffee (with almond, soy or oat milk) … bonus! A GF afternoon tea is also offered, you may need to book in advance.


Pettigrew Tea Rooms – This cafe is absolutely perfect to cosy up in after a stroll around Bute Park on either a brisk winter day or enjoy the sun and sit outside while gorging on their wonderful array of GF cakes and teas. Of course, they offer an incredible afternoon tea, recommended to pre-book the GF option.


Barker Tea House – GF brunch is available (eggs on toast etc). When I went once, one of the waitresses ran out to get some gluten free bread for me as they had run out, they also have jacket potatoes a couple of gluten free cakes available, dependent on the day. You can also pre-book gluten free afternoon tea!


Coffee Barker A few gluten free cakes are usually on offer (Brownies mainly!), unfortunately no gluten free sandwiches, but if you’re just after an afternoon cake then sit back and relax in their extremely comfortable sofas, or sit and enjoy people watching in the arcade.


 Madame Fromage – You can have gluten free bread with the cheese (fromage…) and they offer a great range of gluten free cakes. Not so dairy free friendly!


Milk & Sugar – all their sandwiches are gluten free!!!! To add to this, they also have GF brownies or Orange & Almond cake.

The Boardroom is one to visit if your a surf/skate obsessive, they also make pretty rainbow lattes!



Waterloo Tea Gardens, in Roath, Cardiff City Centre or Penarth.

They always have a couple of dairy/gluten free cakes available, some made with  obscure ingredients, such as parsnips/courgettes, which go very well their vast range of tea. GF afternoon tea is available on request.



Chai Street – many of the Indian style dishes are naturally GF, while the Mango Lassi is a must try!



The Stag on Crwys road – brunch options are available with gluten free bread, try one of their divine matcha lattes as well.


Thé Pot – a sweet, independent, Welsh cafe on Crwys road in Cathays, for breakfast, check out the Breakfast Galette. Most of the breakfasts and sandwiches can be adapted as they have gluten free bread, while most of the main courses are naturally gluten free.


The Early Bird, Woodville Road – a few gluten free cakes are available, as is soy milk. Perfect for students due to it’s close proximity to Uni and central location in Cathays. They are happy to provide a GF English breakfast!


Milgi, offering a range of oriental vegan & gluten free dishes, from falafel to corn tortillas, you can even have their delicious veggie burger with polenta instead and finish with one of their fruity cheesecakes. Drinks include Indian chia with Rude Health coconut milk.


Llandaff –

Jaspers Tea Room – Perfect for a gluten free afternoon tea, there are scones and GF cakes available, suggested to ring up and book beforehand.

Pontcanna / Canton –

Chapter Arts Centre – this open plan cafe hidden in the arts centre with dishes to cater for all dietary requirements, gluten free, dairy free or vegan. Gluten free brownies or millionaire shortbreads are a must!


Unfortunately Cafe Brava is a great little cafe, but limited on gluten free options, if your happy with just a salad, then I would recommend it.

Cardiff Bay

The Deck – Gluten free breakfast, afternoon tea (prebook) and cakes, normally brownies, cupcakes and sometimes even a Victoria sponge!

Sunflower & I – for those looking for a caffeine refuel and Polish themed bakery in a quirky designed house, while admiring flowers. They also have rye coffee.

And of course Nero, Costa, Pret & Starbucks all have GF options. I hope this has been helpful to all those with dietary requirement, please contact me if there is anywhere you think I should add!


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