While I was interning at Imagine Travel, I had the privilege to help research, write and fact check the Brazil guidebook, which gave me a real insight into this wonderful country, you can request a paperback here.


Researching and fact-checking all the wonderful things on offer in Brazil sparked my curiosity, I remember saying to myself “Why have I still not been yet?!” and thus, the ball started rolling… a year and a half later, here I am teaching English in Chile. My ever-growing wanderlust nagging me to go on yet another adventure, and the most precious aspect on my side, time! I finally have a couple of months to… relax on the pristine beaches that span from the North to the South, party at the vibrant and energetic Rio Carnival (most probably drinking some delicious caipirinhas made with cachaça, the countries famous sugar cane spirit), learn more about Brazilian history under colonial rule and independence at their cultural hotspots, and maybe even try to learn some Portuguese, if my brain doesn’t explode from the melange of 4 languages already confusing themselves on regular occurences.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love brazil. Nice post

  2. Alesia Piol says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Rio for their festivals! How far is Chile from Brazil?? (By train or plane)

    1. thetravelbug says:

      By bus, quite a long way. By plane, not so far, just 5 hours I believe!

    2. thetravelbug says:

      By bus about 3 days :O … the flight however is just under 5 hours 🙂 (there are no trains!)

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