Trump backtracks on ‘Climate Change being a hoax’

What a sigh of relief… Trump backtracks on ‘Climate change being a hoax.’

Trump has since U-turned on his absolutely ridiculous claim, which made headline news, when he pronounced that Climate Change was a ‘hoax invented by the Chinese’, shocking millions.


Business-obssesed Trump has since been elected as President, and now believes that there is  ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change. It is hard to keep up with all the outlandish remarks that have been made during the run up to the US elections, and that now, we hope, as the new President of the US, these statements will be rectified.


Having said he would pull the cord on US payments to the United Nations and that he would ‘cancel’ the Paris climate agreement as he considered them to be a ‘waste of money’, he has now seen sense. Despite its obtuse nature, let’s hope that he was just trying to curry favour with the money-obssessed and the ignorant, and that in fact, more U-turns will be swivelled in an attempt to save our mother earth and all that has been put in place by previous Presidents.




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