10 of Europe’s Favourite Après Ski Destinations!

10 of Europe’s Favourite Après Ski Destinations!

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The ritual of après is a way to celebrate each day in our beloved snow-capped mountains, let our hair down, master dancing in our ski boots and sing along to our favourite tunes at the top of our voices as the sun goes down. Check out our top 10 favourite après destinations you need to hit up this winter…

1. Bar 360, Val Thorens

The excitement of the thumping music can already be heard from the surrounding pistes and lifts, while the sun soaked terrace is laden with deck chairs where you can ease yourself into the afternoon ahead – the perfect spot to enhance your goggle tan before heading onto the dance floor. Thankfully, the run back to resort is a green and relatively easy after a few, unlike the run down from the Folie, which can prove difficult!


2. Pano Bar, Les Deux Alps

Famed for being one of the best on-mountain après ski bars in France, Pano doesn’t disappoint. During Rise Festival and peak ski weeks this place will be bursting at the seams with giddy partiers grooving away to electronic music between 3-5pm, located at the top of the Jandri Express. Make sure you get down early so you can order your drinks before the throng of après skiers have the same idea.


3 & 4. The Krazy Kanguruh & Mooserwirt, St. Anton

Undecided which is superior as they are equally as rowdy, dancing on tables with beer and, or jäger is the fashion. The Mooserwirt tends to churn out music as hard as their beer, selling about 5000 litres per day, getting things started at 3pm on the dot with ‘The Final Countdown’ blaring out to notify skiers that it’s après time! The KK on the other hand brings in the DJs – with both these bars staying open later than most, at 8pm you’ll spot revellers sliding back to their chalets.


5. Folie Douce, Val D’IsereTignes 

(Also found in Alp D’Huez, Megève, Val Thorens, MeribelCourchevel)

There is no doing Folie half-hearted – if you go, you must be up for a good boogie on the tables. It’s the only way to truly experience Folie, especially as you want to catch a face full of champers when they spray the crowd, as well as having the best view of the performers.


6. Cocorico, Val D’Isere 

Located next to the Solaise lift, it’s perfect for non-skiers or indie singer wannabes alike, either way chances are the atmosphere will draw you in as the band love getting the crowd involved. In addition, the free shuttle stops outside, which makes getting home hassle free.


7. Loop Bar, Tignes 

For those that want to continue the party after Folie, you can either ski down Trolles where you will conveniently see Loop Bar sitting, or you can take the bubble (Trolles is a black and can be an icey, mogully nightmare). With drinks deals, live music and on Wednesday’s, most of the seasonaires, it’s the people’s favourite après in Tignes Le Lac. This is where the Sunset Sons, formerly known as The Cheerleaders, used to play before they took off!


8. Pilzbar, Mayrhofen

If you’re a music snob, this may not be what you’re after, as the DJs are cheesier than fondue, mixing a real variety of music, from Crazy Frog to Austrian favourite DJ Ötzi (if you’re not familiar, click here). Combined with the fumes of Stroh80, you will be embracing it in no time. When Snowbombing is in town, there will no doubt be a line-up filled with world class DJs. As it’s located at the top of the Penken lift, it’s easily accessible, making it a very popular pit stop before heading back to resort. Hit up Ice Bar for round-two, making sure you have a dance with the fluffy polar bear. You’ve also not experienced Mayrhofen until you’ve had the best meat butty in town, from Hans the Butcher, opposite the Penken!


9. Le Rond Point (‘The Ronnie’), Méribel 

With its perfect location on the way back to resort, you might as well pop in for one, right? Although, it probably won’t be just the one! Live music booms across the rammed terrace, come snow or sun with both jolly seasonaires and punters necking shots of toffee vodka. If you’ve had a few too many, thankfully, you can hop on the bus back to your chalet.


10. L’Arpette, Les Arcs

Les Arcs’s mountain restaurant that livens up every afternoon, another establishment where dancing on tables in ski boots is a must. Overlooking Les Arcs, followed by a ski back down into resort, you then have the option to continue the afternoons festivities at 1800, where there are also many restaurants.



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