How Do You Arrive At Après?

How do you arrive at après?

Lucy.Pierce Line-S

We all have our own way of turning up to Après (if you make it there), but which one are you?

Freestyle Pro

Ski jumping into après like a freestyle pro, receiving a warm welcome from après revellers.

Completely Out Of Control

Making a scene by not only crashing into the skis, but knocking them all over in the process – smooth.

The Strutter

Imitating London Fashion Week, proving that ski boots are just as easy to walk in as high heels.

The Rad Snowboarder

With their XXL tee and tall hoodie reaching their knees, they have no problem walking in their comfortable and stable board boots.

The Drunk Reveller

The already drunk reveller, wearing fancy dress, taking the “piss up on the piste” to a whole new level.

On The Floor

Despite every effort of trying to steezly stroll in, in your ski gear, you accidentally slip and you slide in either arse or face first, or getting caught in the net (you’re not the first, nor will you be the last!)


The Over-Cautious Skier

Ttrying not to replicate their friend before them and is edging in, holding the bannister or anyone in sight for support, praying that they don’t fall and land on top of a stranger.


The Cop Out

They went home to change into their moon boots…



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