How To Recycle Your Old Skis…

How To Recycle Your Old Skis… for Line-S

Whether you formed a tight emotional bond with your beautiful planks or you’re an absolute ski addict and just want everyone to know, here are some great ways to recycle our trusty rides.
The Ski Shot – Probably the most popular use of old skis, as well as being great for getting everyone involved!

A Ski Bench – Come rain or snow, will last the endurance test.

Coat Hangers & Shelves – Spice up your interior design with some vintage wooden skis or your beloved skis you can’t bear to bin.

Or even a colourful, decorative lamp shade…

A Business Card Holder – Nothing says motivation like catching a glimpse of skis in the corner of your eye.

A home-made wine rack, for all those wine and cheese evenings.

A Growth Chart – Measuring your height as well as the length of skis you’ll be needing!

Garden Fence – Or finally, if you have a whole ski school worth of skis, your garden fence could look like this!


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