Top Girl Ski Edits from 2016, Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!

2016 comes to an end, and as a Christmas present to us all, here is a collection of the most impressive girl footage, because girls do shred just as hard as men do in a male dominated sport. From Chilean peaks to Alaskan spines, these girls who ride professionally make us envy their lifestyle, their grit and determination should be an inspiration to us all, escaping avalanches and facing falls down sheer faces isn’t part of everyone’s day to day life. But unfortunately for Matilda Rapport, not every avalanche is just a close shave, remembering one of the greatest freeskiers of 2016.

Skiing South America (GoPro Edit) 

If this doesn’t get you craving bluebird powder days, I don’t know what will. Following gold medalists Julia Mancuso and Jamie Anderson as well as pow-hunter Lynsey Dyer through the beautiful Chilean Andes. This little edit really sets the scene for off piste skiing in Chile, which is some of the best in the Southern Hemisphere, not only are the ski resorts guaranteed 85% of sunny days, but the surroundings really are sublime, the lakes are such striking colours due to underlying glacial flour.

Riding Big Mountain Lines with the Full Moon Crew (GoPro Edit) 

Another GoPro edit, again featuring Jamie Anderson as well as Elena Hight while they were filming ‘Full Moon’. We can now watch some of the best female boarders shred sheer Alaskan faces and the British Columbian pow havens in Whistler and Baldface. Full Moon was directed and produced by Leanne Pelosi, who wanted to document the history of women snowboarders, taking inspiration from Circe Wallace, Tina Basich and Tara Decides. Leanne envisaged her brainchild, “my goal is to bring this amazing group of women, who happen to be the very best handful of women in the world in the backcountry, and have them tell their stories of who inspire them.”

Full Moon Trailer:


Angel Collinson in Tight Loose (Teton Gravity Research) Trailer:

Teton Gravity Research celebrates its 21st birthday, and probably like many of us, it includes cake, boozing, stupidity and some epic wipeouts. Both Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer strongly represent women skiers and absolutely send it, trying to keep up with the men is not how they role, instead they continuously impress us with big airs and serious lines. Angel’s appearance in Tight Loose justifies a good end to the year, who back in January, luckily was unscathed after falling over 1,000ft down a couloir in Alaska while filming for TGR.

Lexi Dupont in Maximizing Moments (Stellar Media)

An edit showing K2 rider and professional freeskier Lexi’s 2016 season as she sends it in Japan and Revelstoke and even shredding spines in Alaska, she talks about her love for the sport and wants her edit to inspire others to get out there and push themselves.

Sandra Lahnsteiner and Julia Mancuso in Between (Shades of Winter) Trailer:

This film aims to show ’the next level of girl skiing’, high above the clouds, on a volcano in Hawaii, covering some of the best ski areas from east to west, from Haines in Alaska to New Zealand. Sandra co-produces this film (previous films include Shades of Winter and Pure), it follows her journey with other rad freeriders Julia Mancuso, Nadine Wallner and up and coming Evelina Nilsson. This film also pays tribute to freeskier Matilda Rapaport, who, unfortunately died this summer in an avalanche in Chile

It’s Called Backcountry Skiing – Part II 

Elyse Saugstad & husband Cody Townsend look like they’re living a dreamy, pillowy honeymoon, shredding like true ski bums around Alaska and BC. Elyse has a stylish technique and style that’s enough to make any girl envy her, not just her lifestyle. Those lines are clearly worth the empty bank accounts.


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