10 absolute groovers from Palms Trax at Dekmantel, São Paulo

Dekmantel has now become one of the most anticipated events of the summer, with Boiler Room selectors bringing an eclectic mix of italo disco, afro disco and an all round great selection of tracks from your grandparents era.

Boiler Room Stage, Dekmantel São Paulo.

The first Dekmantel in São Paulo went off with a great big bang, the line-up was so good it would get any music geek frothing with excitement. Over the weekend, Dekmantel favourites graced Brazil with their presence, including Hunee, Tom Trago, Joy O, Palms Traxx and Moodyman. The stages were well designed and the sounds systems didn’t fail us. Even the organisation team didn’t let us down, providing us with suncream on Sunday so that we didn’t scorch while boogying the afternoon away.

Oh I had a fabulous time, heres some photographic evidence…

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.19.48

Fun Fun – Baila Bolero 

Leee John – Mighty Power of Love (Mood II Swing Vox Mix)

Carl & Carol Jacobs Robot Jam

Dionisio Maio – Dia Já Manché

Mass Production – Cosmic Lust

LETTA MBULU – Kilimanjaro


Finishing his set with none other but these magical tunes…

Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (Larry Levan)

 Phase II – Reachin’ – Brotherhood Mix – 1988


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