A weekend away in Pucon, Chile

Pucon is just a 10-11 hour overnight bus away from Santiago, and for semaña santa, we had a long weekend, the perfect opportunity to get out of smog-city and get some fresh air and exercise, I’ve included some of the top things to do in Pucon!

Wind down and relax after a long week at the Geometric thermal baths. 

Whether you go during the day or at night, these relaxing baths will soothe stressed and aching muscles, each pool has a different temperature, so you can swim around to find one best suited to you.

Climb the Volcano (if you’re lucky)

On good days, and good days only, it is possible to climb the Villarrica Volcano, this is extremely weather dependant and unfortunately it was too cloudy for us to ascend. However, a friend of mine was fortunate enough to climb it a week later, she told me it was extremely hard work, 6 hours trekking and hiking to which you don’t need any previous experience.

Mooch about

Grab a tea, coffee or lunch at Mundo Elefante, found just off Colo Colo, then have a look at the craft fair that surrounds it. There are also flyers for yoga in the cafe.

Grab a bite to eat at Beers & Burgers

Shop the shops

La Plage is an quirky independent clothing shop on Urrutia, they have a store in Barrio Italia in Santiago as well.

Or for something a little more traditional, pick up some local trinkets or ponchos at one of the artisan fairs, the perfect place to find presents for friends and family while supporting local artisans. 

See the town from a different angle

Whether you fancy hiring a pedalo, kayak or a tandem bike. Cruise around the town with friends while getting a little bit of exercise. 

Get amongst the countryside 

Ride through the hills of the Pucon countryside, seeing the Villarica volcano from different angles and admiring the lush fauna and flora. 

Visit the blue waters of Ojos del Caburgua and walk around the woods. 

Get lost within the Huerquehue National Park, a popular choice with keen hikers and explorers. Trek up to the stunning view over Lake Tinquilco. Or stroll aroundb the El Cani Sanctuary. 

Thrill seekers should go white water rafting along the Trancura River. 

During the winter months, you can ski on the Volcano, I’m sure not many people can say that they’ve skied on one of the most active volcanoes in the world! 



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  1. So nice to see Pucón in summer! I spent a winter there, teaching English, and miss it, wonderful kids and teachers. It looks amazing in the summer! 🙂

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