Viña Matetic, Casablanca 

Chile’s world renowned vineyards date back to the 16th century, when vines were brought over by the Spanish conquistadors and since have flourished fruitfully. Fly to the capital, Santiago, from here you can visit both the Maipo and Casablanca valleys that boast the best of South American winery’s, closely followed by Mendoza in Argentina. 

Viña Matetic is a multi-purpose farm that not only has an extensive organic vineyard, but also grows blueberries and crops as well as breeding alpacas. 

You can stay in one of the eight boutique rooms of La Casona that are simply and authentically decorated as well as comfortable and spacious. Relax in the warm sitting room by a cozy log fire, enjoy a game of pool and help yourself to  tea and coffee or the honesty bar. Bookings tend to include evening dinner, which to your delight includes a bottle of wine of your choice, and a buffet breakfast. This is perfect as the vineyard isn’t particularly near any other restaurants, Casablanca is a half an hour drive. 

In addition, there is a restaurant that is open to the public called Restaurante Equilibrio, with views of the lake and the gardens and is romantically lit up by night. 

We had the delight of riding to our vineyard tour on some criollos mixed with Norweigan fjords. Our guide Christopher was extremely knowledgable about the proccesses of the farm and informed us that the vineyard hire all their employees locally as well. 

We then had a very enthusiastic guide around the vineyard that explained to us how sustainable the process was and how each component of the farm helped each other. Followed by the part we were looking forward to the most, the wine tasting! With Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and their famed Syrah, which is extremely popular. 

The barrels are kept underground in a cave-like cellar to preserve the wine as well as adding smokey and oaky tastes to the red wines, with age, the red wine improves. On the other hand, the white wine is ready to drink almost immediately and doesn’t last. 

Afterwhich, if you don’t think that you’ve tasted quite enough wine, i’d encourage you to try the chocolate shot glasses, we had some Syrah in a dark chocolate shot glass, delicious! 

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast drinking your way around the world or looking for a weekend away in the countryside, why not take a trip to Viña Matetic. You can combine your trip with a visit to Valparaiso, where you can admire the humongous murals in the streets, one of the worlds most impressive outdoor art galleries. 


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